Local products

What kind of local products?


You cannot stay in Poitou-Charentes’ Region without tasting our local products. Salty or sweet, let yourself be tempted by one or several of these regional products!

The "Farci Poitevin"


The Farci Poitevin is a dish from Poitou region made mainly from vegetables (sorrel, cabbage, lettuce, chard, leeks, parsley, onions) and a bit of bacon. Rolled in a cabbage leaf, this vegetable pâté is delicious. Made from seasonal vegetables, the recipe may change according to the region. The secret of its confection is the slowness of its cooking. However, cooking Farci Poitevin remains difficult and it is said in French tradition you have to make three in order to succeed one.



The "Chabichou"


Chabichou origins goes back to as far as the 8th century when, after the battle of Poitiers, a few Saracen families settled into the region with their herd of goats. Thus, goats’ breeding and cheese production named Chablis (goat in Arabian) grew gradually and the name Chablis became afterwards “Chabichou”.

Star of our region, it is made with full-fat milk. This white and soft rind cheese can be easily identified by its characteristic shape of a small truncated cone. With its soft and creamy taste, it is best to savour it with a white wine of Sauvignon PDO of the Haut-Poitou at pre-dinner drinks time.


The "Bûche du Poitou"


La bûche du Poitou is another famous goat cheese from our region whose name come from its log’s form. Made from goat milk, this cheese will impress you with its soft and natural rind.

Matured during one month in a dry cellar, it has a slightly sour of chestnut taste. It is best to savour it with a white wine PDO of Haut Poitou.

The "Broyé du Poitou"

The broyé Poitevin is a delicious butter galette which is at the same time hard and crumbly. No need of knife to part it because as the tradition wants, a punch on its middle will be enough. As a result, pieces of different side are made and anyone can eat depending of his appetite. This is why this galette was named Broyé (crushed).

In the old days, the Broyé du Poitou was eaten in events like marriage, reception or Communion day. However, nowadays, you can eat it whenever you want and find it easily on supermarkets or specialized shops.

The "Macarons de Montmorillon"

The name « macaroons » came from the Italian’s « macaroni ». Indeed, originally, in the 16th century, it was bring along from Italy by Catherine de Medicis, wife of the French king Henri II. Little by little, it has changed into the sweet we all know nowadays.

The first macaroon of Montmorillon date back to the 17th century but we have to wait for the 19th century that Rannou-Métivier, a sweet making from Montmorillon, began to do macaroon in a traditional way with its original recipe.

Made from almonds sugar and egg white, we used to sell them by dozen on their baking paper.

In Montmorillon, visit the Museum of the Macaroon where you can learn many things not only about macaroons but also about the region like the fact that in the 19th century most of Vienne’s fruit-trees were almond trees.

The "Poitou's nougatine"

Poitou’s nougatine was created in Poitiers by a local artisan in 1894. It is a pale pink and flat sweet. Crunchy and meltingly soft, it is made from cooked sugar and crushed almonds. Bought at the unity, bag or in gift box, you can find them in Rannou-Métivier shops where they are wrapped up in pink chocolate.


The "Tourteau fromager"


The tourteau fromager is one of Poitou’s specialties. Round and black with a burned crust, this pastry can be perceived a little off-putting. It don’t be lure by its looks ! This goat cheesecake is light and meltingly soft. Just a little sweet and cool, it is a delight!  It can be savoured as a dessert but also in pre-dinner drink or as a snack.



The Haut-Poitou's melon

Growing on limestone and clay soil, this melon is round, juicy and with orange flesh. Tasty and fresh, it is ideal in summer at pre-dinner drink, dessert or just as a snack.

The "Bellefois's beer"


Bellefois’s Beer was born from a man’s passion, Pascal Pouilly, for beer around 10 years ago. Made in an artisanal brewery, its owner named these beers from famous battles of our region to wink to a famous beer’s brand, the 166. You can thus find beers named 507 (Clovis’s battle), 732 (Charle Martel’s battle), 1356 ("Guerre de 100 ans" Nouaillé-Maupertuis).

Find it at Brasserie du Bellefois on Neuville de Poitou.

Phone number : 0033 5 49 59 40 32

The "AOC Haut Poitou's  wine"

The wine “Haut-Poitou” whether it is white, red or rosé is famous for its coolness and lightness.

With its pale yellow color, Haut-Poitou’s white wine has an aroma of citrus fruits, grapefruit, exotic fruits and blackcurrant.  It is a delight to savor it at pre-dinner drink or with seafood like shrimps or oysters.

Regarding the Haut-Poitou’s red wine, it reminds fruits like raspberry or blackberry. It is better to drink this wine when it is still young but when it age few years, its aroma changes into the one of prune or licorice.

Savored it with Poitou traditional dishes like lamb or goat cheese.

Last but not least, Haut-Poitou’s rosé wine is made from a blend mixing aroma of ripe fruits, strawberry, raspberry and peppered spices. It is the perfect wine for a BBQ or to go with Poitou traditional dishes like blood sausage, farci poitevin or andouillette. It is also a delight to enjoy it with broyé du Poitou or tourteau fromager.